Our Clients

We strive to exceed your needs

Home Instead Senior Care and our team of CAREGivers make the effort to understand and exceed the needs of every client and their families.

When these needs are altered, we are quick to tailor our services to ensure our clients are always satisfied and their families are confident that their loved ones receive the best personal home help, care and support they deserve.

Client testimonials

We asked some of our clients and their families to provide feedback on their experience in receiving services from Home Instead Senior Care in Melbourne's Footscray, Hopper's Crossing & Western Suburbs. Here is what they had to say:

Home Instead has been a real help and support for us. CAREGivers Jackie and Pam have been very important for Dad. We will never thank them enough for their care and affection to him during his last years.

The service levels were excellent. I would like to thank you all for a great service to date. Thank you all for a great sympathetic service particularly from CAREGivers Guiseppina and Lani.

Home Instead provides us with the best quality of CAREGivers and we are very proud that we can work with you. 

Home Instead is the best organization I have ever worked with. Keep going with the great job.

I wish to thank Caregiver Tanya for the service she provided to Mr R. She showed kindness and professionalism in her initial approach which instilled confidence.  Mr R was really proud of the appearance of his home, could you please pass on compliments and thank you from the family.

Home Instead Senior Care and Caregiver Cameron have changed my brother Robert's life.

Your caregivers do such a great job. We always get great feedback from patients and clients. (Hospital Transition Care Program).

I prefer Home Instead Senior Care services due to their philosophy and commitment to keeping clients at home with choice and dignity.Sandra, from the Maidstone office has successfully employed good staff that fulfil this philosophy very well

I am aware that ones you commit you do a wonderful job, I have no doubts about that. Whenever my clients complained about caregivers I introduced Home instead and the problems have gone. I have learned to trust in your work.

I have worked with Home instead extensively in the past 12 months (as a Case manager) and I really loved the quality of the services, that is why I have introduced you to this organization as well. I will continue doing it in the future as well. You are one of the very best in the sector! I like your way of treating people too: you look after well your workers first, and that is what I would always support! People have to be respected on all levels…good luck!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your services and am truly grateful to  all the carers that worked and helped mum. I highly recommend your services.

Laurie (nurse) rang me today and commented "I haven't seen Margo this happy in months. She talked at length about how lovely it was to spend time with her two new carers."  Laurie also commented on how much this helps with Margo's vagueness (presentation of dementia).  Margo's dementia may actually be a result of long term depression and anxiety i.e. both dementia and long term depression/anxiety present very similarly. So when she's happy she functions much better.  Her cognitive ability and memory improves.  So your carers can be proud that they are improving her quality of life on  many levels and much more than may be expected with a more straight-forward case of dementia. Thanks very much for the feedback!  I can't tell you how relieved and happy all this makes me.

Tina has gratefully thanked Koula for bringing joy into our mother's life, through church visits, lunches and outings. We are aware taking mum out can be very challenging however Koula makes it seem easy.

Thank you guys in the office for caring about me means a lot. You know people ask why do I work for home instead and I say to them because this is the only company I know that really care about their staff and happy to work around their staff. I say to them not many bosses in companies ring you up to see how you are and have a chat. I say home instead are in a league of their own and people say to me I'm going to get my Certs and see if I can come work there. I love you guys in the office and not many people say thanks to you guys for all the hard work you guys do for us so I say Thank you Koula, Sandra and Heather for everything.